Vakil Mosque - Shiraz
Look how sunlights find their way through the space

In the university, next to the Architecture Campus
our favorite staff, our gardener

In the nature there are always combinations of elements
Elements that could be ordinary by them selves but together…

Achaemenid Empire
I was always thinking about being eternal
Human being could not. So found a way to do so

Is it rain coming from these cloudy sky or sunlight?

My hometown, my street, my alley
My own Streetlight

After a long day of skiing it is so good to
sit next to a huge waterfall, drinking some tea

Having a journey to a tiny village,
there was a pure face, defining beauty perfectly

These materials in such houses seems to take their color from sun
Maybe there is nothing else beside the sun in the area

Don't you lost a shoe in the middle of nowhere?
I found one, mini and tiny

Old Prayer
An old man is praying on the graves, no matter whose it is
It is damn hard when you want to shot an elderly. Specially when they are alone

Look how beautiful puts this much snow on top of some thing like this
That is how nature shows off his intelligence

I remember the very lovely statement:
Good design seems plain

Each material contains plenty of expression, shouting from their essence
What is it this one is trying to shout?

Sweet Home
There is always a place, safe
A place you trust, your own sweet home

Poplar in the wind, that would be the sound of nature
The sound of leafs, sound of consolation

Here where I am, where i love
After a rainy night, shiny and polished

I was passing a street, saw a poor guy
I was not sure if he was a pauper or a disappointed person

Lost in the middle of nowhere, feeling numb…
That’s how I am feeling, how it makes me feel

Such details in houses, things which are not consider anymore
Yet there is still something

Such details in houses, things which are not consider anymore
Yet there is still something

University of New South Wales
Faculty of the Built Environment, in a muggy afternoon
chimneys, half orange

It was supposed to form again after earthquake,
but it seems aftershock changed it in another way.